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Frequently Asked Questions

We've never been through something like this before. What can we expect?

Don't worry, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

In a nutshell, the process looks like this: 

  • Book a free consultation to discuss your concerns.

  • If recommended, schedule an evaluation. 

  • Go through the assessment process. 

  • Discuss the evaluation results.

  • Get started with therapy, if warranted.

Does my child need speech therapy?

If you are unsure about your child's speech and language development, we encourage you to take advantage of our free consultation to find out if an evaluation or treatment is warranted. If your child needs intervention, the earlier the better. Conversely, if your child does not need it, it's good to have peace of mind. 

Do I need to be present during my child's appointment?

In most cases, yes. Babble Speech Therapy emphasizes a family-centered treatment model. However, every case is different and your therapist may recommend an alternative approach. 

How long should I expect my child to be in therapy?

Because every child responds to therapy differently, there is no average number of months or years that children stay in therapy. Please discuss your specific case with your therapist.

Will my insurance cover my visit?

No. Babble Speech Therapy does not accept insurance. All services are self-pay.

Upon request, you will be provided a Superbill on a monthly basis, which you can submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. Please note that the Superbill issued by

Babble Speech Therapy does not guarantee insurance reimbursements. It is solely the client's responsibility to check whether their insurance can provide reimbursement.

Do you offer financing options?

No. Payment must be made at the time of service.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Debit card, credit card, or a Health Savings Account (HSA) card are all accepted. 

What are your attendance and cancellation policies?

Consistent attendance plays a major role towards your child's progress. Sessions need to be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a late cancellation/no-show fee. If your child suddenly becomes ill or an emergency arises, please contact us immediately.

We are going on a month-long vacation. Can you save our weekly spot?

We are currently unable to hold time slots for more than 3 sessions.

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