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Nova is wonderful! She is a compassionate, patient, and thoughtful therapist who carefully tailored her program to match our child's needs. They were engaged and excited to work with Nova, we were so impressed at how well she could communicate with kids. Plus she always communicated with worked closely with us, and gave us lots of great advice. Thanks!

- R's Parents (2022)

"My son received speech therapy from Nova when he was 17 months until he turned 3 years old. I cannot say enough great things about her. Nova was an absolutely amazing speech therapist to my son. She is patient, caring and understanding. She genuinely cared for my son’s well-being and progress on his speech. Now my son is doing great and does not need any speech therapy anymore. Thank you Nova for all you do!"

- K's Mother (2017)

"Nova helped my son enormously. She was friendly, positive and professional at all times. She gave caring attention to his needs and has met a lot of his goals. He gained so much confidence and his speech improved dramatically. I would recommend Nova to any concerned parent."

- E's Mother (2017)

Nova was our son's first speech therapist. Since speech therapy was new to us, we didn't know what to expect. Nova quickly put our minds at ease. With our input and her keen observations, she determined the most effective therapy plan to maximize the benefits received in his therapy sessions. Speech therapy sessions with Nova were always fun, engaging and incredibly effective for our son. She helped build his language skills, taught him social skills, and supported positive behavior. In a short period of time, we saw improvement and great results; which helped boost our son's self-confidence. Even our close friends and family observed and commented on his immediate progress.

Nova's dedication and commitment were apparent when she spoke with us after each therapy session. She always kept us informed with his progress and provided practical strategies for us to use at home and in real-life situations to help our son improve. Nova is a caring, patient, encouraging, fun, and highly-skilled professional therapist. It's apparent that she's passionate about what she does and truly values the nature of her work. Nova was the perfect fit for our son. During his time with her, he developed lifelong skills. Our son looked forward to his therapy sessions with Nova and she left a lasting impression. To this day, he asks about her and expresses that he misses Miss Nova.

Nova provided us with a good foundation to build on. Whether she realizes it or not, she helped us to be better parents. The assistance Nova provided enabled us to better communicate with our son. We'll never forget all that she did to help him. There are not enough words to thank Nova for what she has done for our family. It has been a long road, but we are happy we got to share it with Nova. We wholeheartedly recommend her because there are so many other families that would benefit from having a great speech therapist like Nova!

- R's Parents (2017)

"My daughter was diagnosed with a speech delay when she was 2 years old, and we were so lucky to have Nova as her speech language pathologist for a full year. From their first meeting, Nova was instantly engaging, kind, and respectful of my daughter. As their relationship grew I felt that Nova truly understood my daughter’s quiet personality and how best to help. With every meeting I witnessed Nova being so patient and wonderful with not only my daughter, but with all of the students in the class. She incorporated fun songs, books, hands-on activities, art, and games into her lessons that my daughter loved. I fully trusted Nova’s teaching methods, and as a parent I benefitted and learned so much myself on how I could utilize the tools Nova gave me at home, which I deeply appreciated. By the time my daughter graduated from Nova’s class she had gained so much confidence and had huge improvements in her speech."

- L's Mother (2016)

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