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Articulation and Phonological Disorders

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Receptive and Expressive Language Delays


Childhood Apraxia of Speech



Unsure whether your child needs speech therapy?  Babble Speech Therapy offers a one-time free phone consultation of up to 20 minutes to discuss your general concerns about your child's speech and language development. Contact us here to book your initial consultation.


Babble Speech Therapy requires an initial evaluation in order to develop an individualized treatment plan, establish baselines, and track progress. Evaluation reports completed by a different provider may be reviewed and accepted at the therapist's discretion if completed within the last 12 months.

The typical evaluation process consists of a 60-90 minute appointment, during which we will conduct a parent interview, collect information through observations and play, and administer a standardized and/or a criterion-referenced test. A comprehensive report will be written and the recommendations will be discussed at your initial treatment appointment. In the event that therapy is not recommended following the assessment, a post-consultation of up to 30 minutes will be scheduled to discuss the results over the phone.


To ensure that treatment sessions are tailored to your child's needs, the frequency and duration are determined after an evaluation has been completed.

Sessions are all one-on-one and can run anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes.

Babble Speech Therapy is not in contract with any insurance companies.

All services are self-pay and are due at the time of service.

For more information on pricing, please contact us.

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